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Come in, we have just opened !
03 June 2005

Finally on May 23 that Boutique VINI opened its doors to its first customer and this in spite of the presence of the painter for last minute completion. The official opening ceremony was on June 2.

Boutique VINI is first of all the result of four years of continuous effort to rehabilitate a landmark house built in 1545, classified Historical Monument, in the heart of the one of the most beautiful villages of France. This superb house, better known under the name of "House of the Black Bear" was until the 1960's one of the few stores in Riquewihr. It was purchased by the Hugel family because it is next door to its existing tasting room.


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Boutique VINI 27, rue du Général de Gaulle F-68340 Riquewihr - Tel/Fax +33 (0)3 89 47 99 37 - eMail : info@boutiquevini.com
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